West Fork Wharf gains new ownership

Sheffield’s local spot for sizzling steaks and freshcooked seafood changed hands this month.

As of August 16, Lucas Noss, 23, of Dougherty, is the new owner and manager of the West Fork Wharf restaurant and bar. The 2012 West Fork High School graduate heard about the business going up for sale at the beginning of this year, and after spending time as a reserve Marine, and later on as a semi truck driver, he decided to give something entirely new a shot by purchasing the restaurant. But instead of just jumping into the restaurant business head first, he decided to give it a trial run. Since February, he has been an employee at the West Fork Wharf, learning the ropes on bartending, cooking, stock ordering and doing dishes. After experiencing the atmosphere at the restaurant, Noss decided he liked it, and decided to take the next step of ownership.

“I was thinking about buying it, so I decided to work there to decide if I would like it or not,” Noss said. “Basically to know what I was getting into before I dived into it. I liked meeting the new people all the time; I love talking to people. People come from a long ways to come eat here, so everybody has pretty good stories to tell. There’s something new every day. It just felt right I guess. It just kind of happened, and I ended up really liking it.”

Read the full article in the August 31 edition of the papers.