Sukup Manufacturing Company to open on-site health clinic in Sheffield

Sukup Manufacturing Co. recently announced it will open an on-site health clinic for all employees at its Sheffield location. The company plans to make some clinic services available to families of employees in the future.

The clinic will include five exam rooms, two offices and one lab. A Registered Nurse and Nurse Practioner from Mercy Medical Center – North Iowa will staff the clinic. “We are very excited to support Sukup Manufacturing in improving the health of their employees,” said Dan Varnum, President and CEO of Mercy – North Iowa. “Mercy is committed to making this a successful partnership, and we see this as a positive step forward.”

Sukup employees will have access to a variety of health services including biometric screening, health coaching, weight loss coaching, smoking cessation, tele-counseling and other routine clinical tests such as for strep throat.

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