Rockwell continues work on nuisance properties

The Rockwell City Council continued to work on city nuisances during their regular meeting on Wednesday, November 1 at city hall.

At the meeting it was reported that they’ve received a positive response from many of the letters they’ve sent out in regards to property owners cleaning up their properties. However, the tractor/trailer discussed at the previous meeting continues to be an issue. The tractor/trailer has been parked on the city right-of-way on 3rd St. North for much of the year, creating a potential hazard as it blocks the view of traffic entering or exiting the nearby alley. The council requested that the vehicle be moved away from the alley intersection and it was promptly moved a few feet back.

“It should have been worded differently,” said Mayor Jim Bills.

The council discussed sending another letter making it clear that they would like the vehicle to be removed from the city right-of-way entirely.

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