Reflecting with Ragan: WF students get real on mental health

Sen. Ragan visited West Fork last week to talk with students about issues young people are passionate about. SAVANNAH HOWE|The Pioneer Enterprise

Iowa’s District 27 Senator Amanda Ragan visited with a senior American Government class last week, and endeavored to find out what issues young people were most passionate about.

Ragan, a native of Rockwell, has remained an extremely active member of the northern Iowa community. She stands as Director of the Community Kitchen and Meals on Wheels programs in Mason City, and her children received their education in the Rockwell-Swaledale School District.

Ragan bases her political platform on the working Iowan family. She believes that, in the best interest of communities everywhere, economic development needs to be better dispersed among all 99 counties, instead of only the most populated or the most metropolitan.

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