County Community Services applies for IFA grant for supportive housing

Franklin County Community Services has applied for a grant that would help the department set up a permanent supportive housing program for those with physical and mental disabilities. The grant would supply funds to the county in order to aid in subsidizing rent for those with physical and mental disabilities, allowing them to become integrated into the communities they reside in.

According to Franklin Count y Community Services (FCCS) Director Russell Wood, currently, those with physical or mental disabilities either live with a loved one or caretaker, or live in what is known as a residential care facility (in addition to offering housing, these facilities often require enrollment in services and care that those with certain disabilities might not need). In order for an individual to get out of a residential care facility, or by some circumstance, living on his or her own, he or she must apply for a permanent place of a residency through the North Iowa Regional Housing Authority (NIHA), an organization serving eight counties in North Iowa, including Franklin. According to Wood, NIHA receives federal funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development to subsidize 350 households in the region, per year.

Read the full article in the September 7 edition of the papers.